Clinical Trials Database
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Welcome to the Clinical Trial Database Web site.
The Clinical Trial Database (CTDB) can help you manage data collection by automating the processing and monitoring of data collection for research protocols. Through this user-friendly interface, the CTDB helps facilitate the creation of forms, questions and intervals, and provides a data entry component allowing for first- and second-key validation workflow. With the CTDB, you can:
  • Track clinical protocol data
  • Design data collection questionnaires
  • Capture data
  • Import and export data
  • Analyze clinical protocol data
  • Create reports
Other CTDB functionalities include:
  • System Administration feature: to control staff access to application and data
  • Multi-Sites functionality: with NIH as a coordinating center
  • Quality Assurance module: providing a workflow for third party monitoring
  • E-Regulatory Binder: a file management module for the regulatory documentation
  • Bio-specimen management module: Follows the NIH Bio-repository policy to track bio-specimens collected during trials
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